The Four Best Growth Strategies For Building Your NFT Community

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Building a strong community behind the launch of your NFT collection is one of the main factors to every successful NFT launch, yet many people in the Web3 space don’t understand how to grow a community. The strategies that you’ll find below, help our clients build the largest communities possible who get fully behind the launch of their NFT collection.

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Paid Acquisition

If you don’t have any budget to spend on ads then feel free to skip this part. For those that do have a budget to run ads, then I’d highly recommend running Facebook ads. Facebook will allow NFT creators to run ads about their collection, providing that you don't miss lead anyone or state any false claims on your ads.

When it comes to running ads, you need to take advantage of the Facebook pixel. The pixel is a snippet of code that will communicate your site / conversion event with Facebook, so that Facebook can understand who completes your conversion event.

For example, you could set up an email form on your website which allows people to join a waitlist. You can then embed the pixel into the form, so that after someone enters their email you trigger a conversion event. This will then allow you to optimise your Facebook campaigns so that you pay per “waitlist user”.

Another example is to connect the pixel to Discord. If you go down this route, then you would track Discord button clicks and optimise for those.

Fortunately Facebook allows you to target a wide range of crypto based interests including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Coinbase
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Ethereum

And many more crypto related interests!

The key to running Facebook ads is to use very broad audiences, so test an audience that just targets Ethereum, vs another audience that just targets Coinbase.

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Phantom Buster

Phantom Buster is one of our favourite tools for growing communities. Phantom Buster allows you to run mass data extraction and automated messaging without the need to code. Before tools like Phantom Buster were a thing, you would previously have to run complex scripts using Python.

We use 5 main Phantom Buster automations for the clients we work with

  1. Twitter hashtag scraping: Allows you to scrape thousands of people who post using specific hashtags.
  2. Twitter follower scraping: Allows you to scrape the followers of as many profiles as you like. You can usually scrape up to 10,000 followers per profile before Twitter times you out.
  3. Automated Twitter messaging: This one you have to play around with. For new accounts, message no more than 5 people per hour, after a few days start increasing the number of people that you message per hour.
  4. Instagram follower scraping: Scrape a list of people who follow specific people, you can also do the same with hashtags.
  5. Instagram profile scraping: This automation will allow you to scrape the phone numbers, email addresses and bios of the followers you scrape in the automation above. You can then use these emails for mass outreach.

It's important to note that you should never use your main account for these automations, as you always run the risk of being banned.

Once you’ve extracted a large number of people that you want to reach out to, we would usually run automated messaging through fake Twitter profiles where you impersonate a team member.

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OSINT Framework

OSINT stands for open source intelligence. This powerful framework allows you to extract mass amounts of data that you can later use for outreach. This method is similar to what Phantom Buster can do; however, it’s 10X more powerful.

Github contains hundreds of repositories that use OSINT, all you need to know are the basics of Python and you should be good to go.

Some of our favourite Github repositories include: - Mass scrape Instagram information such as emails, phone numbers, posts and much more. - A twitter intelligence tool allowing for mass extracts of Twitter information. - Website scraper used to extract information from multiple pages.

Similar to Phantom Buster, any information gathered through OSINT scrapers can be imported into outreach tools such as Woodpecker, or Lemlist.

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Upwork is the perfect place to hire people that will help you “shill” your NFT. For those who are unfamiliar, shilling is the process of spreading buzz about a coin or NFT through forums, social media channels and publicly endorsing the project.

We advise many clients to hire shillers through Upwork, there’s a huge range of talent that can help you do this from Upwork. You can hire freelancers in countries such as India and the Philippines who will spam about your project across Reddit, Twitter, Youtube and Tiktok for $4-$8 per hour.

If you go down this route, just be sure to set clear instructions for the freelancers to follow. You can then leave them to run on autopilot!

Our thoughts on influencer marketing

In the past we’ve included influencer marketing for some of our clients, but my own opinion towards using influencers for NFT projects has since changed. We think the market is really saturated, and unless you’re working with an A list influencer, we personally think you can get more growth for your budget by hiring UGC content creators and using that content for ads.

With that being said, if you do choose to do influencer marketing consider building a list of micro influencers on Tiktok first. If you can get enough micro influencers to talk about the project, then it will become easier to find bigger influencers who are happy to come onboard.

Tiktok hashtags you can use to find micro influencers include: #contentcreator #microinfluencer #socialmediamarketing #nftcollector


We hope these growth ideas give you the kickstart that you need for driving a community to your next NFT launch. The key for any successful NFT launch is to start building the community as early as possible, and make sure you’re constantly engaging with that community as new people join.

Be sure to checkout some of the work that we are up to at the moment. We're fortunate to be working with some incredible brands in 2022!

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